Why Globalize?

In what has become a borderless business culture, today’s professionals must cultivate the ability to work with and relate to colleagues, collaborators, supervisors, direct or indirect reports, clients, or referrals in almost any part of the world.

This reality means that you need to convey your message clearly and succinctly, while creating bridges across cultural divides to promote on-point, mutually rewarding business relationships.

Rules of Conduct

In today’s 140-character short-cut world, FPO International aims to keep alive the art of informed, curious, thoughtful, and courteous dialogue. While today’s business culture has become borderless, FPO International strives to keep it inclusive, civilized, and a place to thrive.

As such, FPO International will not tolerate in real life or virtually the use of curse words, threats, bullying, stalking, demeaning of others or groups of people, or any other behavior deemed uncivilized by FPO’s founder.

For example, the founder of FPO International does not believe the “luck” of where one is born should be determinative as to one’s professional success. If we were to level the global playing field, as it were, one could thrive regardless of being located on which side of which ocean, within which jurisdictional boundaries, or in which time zone.

FPO International stresses its requirement for civility. FPO International was founded on the belief that if professionals set the tone of mutual respect and safe debate, others may follow and, ultimately, innovation will be fostered. FPO International aims to promote civilized intercultural and international dialogue, to spur global business partnerships between and among professionals, and to coach skills sets to develop global communications skills.


What does the FPO in FPO International stand for?

When not written in its acronym form, FPO International refers to For Professionals Only International. FPO International is the umbrella organization for a set of proprietary programs, services, and activities created to carry out its mission: Globalize Yourself.


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