Globalize Your Team

Why You Need To Globalize Your Team/Business Now

Because cross-border, virtual teams and multinationals need to operate efficiently, with as few communications and relationship breakdowns as possible.

With an ever-increasing number of companies getting support from virtual teams, cross-border operations, and supply chain movement and management, so too the rise of breakdowns in cross-cultural communications, be that between or among teams, with clients, or in supervisory or reporting relationships.

Here are just a few of the common scenarios that point to the need for coaching and training in cross-border communications and relationship building:

  • an India-based support team wants to work better with its US clients;
  • a France-based technology company wants better results — based on a clear understanding of what has been asked of the team — from its virtual colleagues in Brazil;
  • a small team of techno nomads in Chiang Mai wants to collaborate with a multinational headquartered in Brussels but doesn’t know how to approach the company, let alone create mutually beneficial cooperative agreements; and
  • after working together for three quarters, a formerly responsive, seemingly easy-to-work with team of developers goes dark from 3,500 kilometers away.

Today’s business climate requires one to cultivate the ability to work with and relate to colleagues, supervisors, direct or indirect reports, virtual teams, clients, or referrals in almost any part of the world.

It Starts With Hello™

It Starts With HelloTM coaches corporate clients and cross-border or virtual teams to confidence to power successful outcomes. Through a proprietary process that focuses on deepening cross-border relationships, coaching sessions help prepare clients to lay the groundwork for a number of possible outcomes, defined on their targeted needs.

For example, you may want to:

  • get more out of your virtual support team;
  • improve your team’s global presentation skills;
  • work better with your out-of-home country clients;
  • enhance and deepen virtual relationships;
  • better understand what your cross-border client or employer needs, expects, or wants;
  • attract clients in other jurisdictions;
  • increase your company’s chances of winning multi-million dollar competitive global bids;
  • mediate cross-office or cross-team communications issues;
  • hone career-long (and life-long) soft-skills around personality management and the art of win-win relationships; or
  • improve cross-border interviewing skills.

Teams are coached on building rapport, finding points of intersection in their communications, mediating through conflict, asking questions that produce on-point dialogue, and discovering how to dig deeper to better understand mutual goals.

The It Starts With Hello process guides teams from the first hello through building rapport, defining shared outcomes, and ultimately building trusting relationships.

Putting On The Client’s Hat™

In addition to receiving two 45-minute It Starts With HelloTM coaching sessions, individual paid members of FPO International receive no-cost entry to Putting On the Client’s HatTM, a one-hour webinar that provides participants with insight into, and understanding of, the complexities underlying written business communications. The Putting On the Client’s Hat team will share many of the key issues that business professionals must consider to produce successful business communications, particularly those who are writing to global and cross-cultural audiences. Companies and teams are also eligible for no-cost entry to the Putting On the Client’s HatTM one-hour webinar.


Teams, companies, and individual members also get discounted rates for two of Putting On the Client’s Hat offerings: a 90-minute webinar that goes in-depth into the process of improving written corporate communications, as well as a Putting On the Client’s Hat assessment of your corporate and individual professional communications materials.


More information on Putting On the Client’s HatTM offerings and services can be found on the organization’s site.

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