Globalize Yourself

Why You Need to

Globalize YourselfTM


Because time is of the essence.  Whether you’re concerned with becoming a more valuable asset to your employer, your team, or for yourself as a techno-nomad, entrepreneur, or thought leader, you need to know how to navigate today’s borderless business arena.

The sooner you globalize yourself, the sooner you will be empowered to:

  • become job-ready or create more job security by becoming a truly global asset;
  • build fully portable professional security by having a skill set that helps you take your technical skills worldwide, whether for yourself or for an employer;
  • broaden your professional network(s);
  • promote win-win collaborations across time zones, cultures, jurisdictional boundaries, and disciplines; and
  • deepen your relationship building, cross-culture communications, and conflict management skills.

Today’s professionals must cultivate the ability to work with and relate to colleagues, supervisors, direct or indirect reports, virtual teams, clients, or referrals in almost any part of the world.

This reality means that you need to convey your message clearly and succinctly, while creating bridges across cultural divides to promote on-point, mutually rewarding business relationships.

It Starts With HelloTM

It Starts With HelloTM coaches individuals, corporate clients, and teams to confidence to power successful outcomes. Through a proprietary process that focuses on active listening, coaching sessions help prepare clients to lay the groundwork for a number of possible outcomes, defined on the individual level and needs of each participant.


For example, you may want to:


  • get more out of your virtual support team;
  • better your negotiation skills;
  • improve your global presentation skills;
  • enhance and deepen your virtual relationships;
  • better understand what your cross-border client or employer needs, expects, or wants;
  • attract clients in other jurisdictions;
  • increase your chances of winning multi-million dollar competitive global bids;
  • mediate cross-office or cross-team communications issues;
  • hone career-long (and life-long) soft-skills around personality management and the art of win-win relationships; or
  • improve your cross-border interviewing skills.


These outcomes require a reduction in barriers to listening, which results in a parallel increase in the ability to form meaningful relationships. Whatever your specific outcomes might be, coaching sessions are tailored to greatly improve the likelihood of achieving these goals.


The It Starts With HelloTM coaching process guides you from the first hello through building rapport, defining shared outcomes, and ultimately building trusting relationships that have the potential to grow your client base, partnerships, alliances, and other key business relationships. You will be provided with the tools (1) to ask any of five targeted kinds of questions that produce on-point dialogue and coach you on when to use each, (2) to interact in ways that enhance communication, (3) to communicate in ways that foster collaborative outcomes, and (4) to look for opportunities for mutual gain in each and every communication.

Benefits of Membership

As part of their paid individual memberships, FPO International members receive two 45-minute coaching sessions per year. Additional coaching sessions are available at significantly discounted rates, as are ongoing programs, trainings, editing of documents into reading as if they were written English as a first language, and discounts from various sponsors.

For example, paid members of FPO International receive no-cost entry to Putting On the Client’s HatTM, a one-hour webinar that provides participants with insight into, and understanding of, the complexities underlying written business communications. The Putting On the Client’s Hat  team will share many of the key issues that business professionals must consider to produce successful business communications, particularly those who are writing to global and cross-cultural audiences.

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