Tier I Membership

Tier I Membership: $120

As part of their paid individual memberships, FPO International members receive two 45-minute coaching sessions per year. Additional coaching sessions are available at significantly discounted rates, as are ongoing programs, trainings, editing of documents into reading as if they were written English as a first language, and discounts from various sponsors.

In accordance with its mission to promote global inclusivity, FPO International sets its annual membership dues for individuals based on a three-tier system that is derived from World Bank economic standards and recommendations (last updated July 2016). As such, the annual individual rates are either $120, $90, and $75, depending on where you are principally domiciled, living, or working. FPO International will revisit its membership rates annually. Membership will be verified through IP address and other means. Please contact contact@fpointernational.com if you have questions about annual individual membership.

Membership Registration

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